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My upcoming work: Daring to Love

The wonderful ladies of Romance Writers of West Africa have been challenging me as a writer this past few weeks. In the short time that this group convened, I’ve finished two novels (Can you imagine that) and I’m currently working on a third (hehehehe) titled “Daring to Love” – a south African romance.  Below is the synopsis for the novel. Let me know what you think 🙂

Synopsis: Daring to Love

(My muse; courtesy of

Mosa Pattison is a 33-year-old woman who has lived her adult life on a basis of sucessful dares. She has given up her well paying job as an accountant to pursue her lifelong dream of writing romance novels. She is the first child in a family of four daughters. Her widowed mother and her married sisters depend on her financially. Mosa has dreams of settling down but with her busy career as a Writer, and with the family’s dependence on her, there simply isn’t time for a serious relationship.  

Kwela Joseph is the new owner and the Editor of Desire – a  romance-publishing house that Mosa writes for and he has a mind to change the face of the romance industry in South Africa where he’ll feature black Africans as the major characters. With Mosa as his most valuable author, he experiences challenges when he tells her to write to feature black characters. From Mosa’s personal experience, she believes that romance is only for Caucasians, never for South African women. She dares him to show her happily married black South Africans and that she’ll write what he wants if he does so.

Kwela takes her to visit a few of his happily married friends and that changes her worldview. When Mosa finally begins to feature black South Africans in her new book and sends him the first draft, he criticizes her work by telling her that her lovemaking scenes are too unrealistic. “Too stiff” he says.  It shows that Mosa has yet to experience the intricacies of lovemaking.

After several clashes, she dares him to show her what he means by a ‘realistic love making’ between black south Africans and he does it by sleeping with her.  In the process, she discovers she has fallen in love with him. Afraid that he’ll be a distraction to her career, she opts to sell her latest novel to a rival publishing house.  Kwela  hears about it. He is furious and he tells her that she may sell her books to any publisher she desires so long as she reserves the content of herself to him.

He then confesses her love to her, she does the same, and they live, well – happy ever after.

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