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Thorns with Roses II

My friends say that when a woman declares she has something to tell you, chances are, your life is about to change. Probably forever.

Mine changed in less than one minute.

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Lara Daniels’ Thorns with Roses

I once attended a wild party where I had an unusual encounter. It came in the form of a one night stand.

I was a twenty-two year old student, sent to the US to get my MBA so I could take over my father’s thriving business someday. My girlfriend whom I’d whimsically thought would become my future wife decided to break up with me on that same night, leaving me for some white boy. I was angry, so angry that I drank myself to a stupor and demanded right then that Wale, my closest friend and designated safe driver for the night take me back to his place, since it was closer to the party’s venue.

I woke up the next morning in Wale’s bed to find a naked woman beside me. From the sweaty smells and my clothes littering the floor, I knew we’d had sex, even though I had no recollection of the act.

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