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Counting my blessings

Quick recap of all that has happened to me this month:

  1. I lost a friend but made new ones.
  2. I finally came to terms with the fact that I hate my day job…enough to want to quit. But I didn’t quit. Though I wanted to. And badly too. (Gosh, I hope my boss doesn’t read this because I was awarded sometime ago for favorite nurse in my department).
  3. My day job that provides me with an income has become the wife whose beauty faded, and my writing is my all time lover whose passion and mystery keeps my blood pumping with excitement. She is the obsession that has been my joy and unfortunately, the cause of my many tears, (Every writer who is just as neurotic will understand what I am talking about).
  4. I ended up being interviewed for another nursing position that I thought would challenge me to like my profession again. At the end of the day, I was too cowardly to give my boss a resignation letter, and too interested in this new job to leave. So now, I have two jobs instead of one. 
  5. I  made peace with the fact that I am exactly where God wants me to be in my career, even if I’m not really happy about it; even though I wish I could be anywhere else but where I am right now. 

So May is quickly approaching and I am pausing right now to count my blessings; I am grateful that I have survived this month, inspite of all my unhappiness and dissatisfaction with myself and my career. I am grateful that I still have a job and work with a great team of nurses who care about each other and their patients ; Grateful that I have my writing obsession that I’m passionate about. I am so thankful  for the gift of a temperate husband who gets my neurosis and  for wonderful children who understand mom’s dark, yet creative moods, especially when she insists on everybody going to bed at exactly nine pm ( and on weekends too)so she can write into the early hours of the  new day.

Most importantly, I’m grateful for a good God who gives me life and health so that I can contribute to everything, both good and bad that the living participates in.

 As the month ends, what are you grateful for?

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