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Introducing the Queen of Awkward, Tara Olu-Browne

Upcoming book, Lessons In Love

Upcoming book, Lessons In Love

Omotara Olu-Browne (Tara) is 26, impulsive, uncoordinated – both in talk and walk, and she swears she will never wear jeans and a t-shirt publicly because of her big butt and large breasts. Her assessment, not mine. One more thing: She is absolutely sure she’ll die a spinster because one, she has a zero social life (the girl is either reading or writing); and two, she often talks and acts without thinking things through, which tends to make guys shy away from her. It’s unfortunate that her impulsive nature sometimes lands her in some very awkward situations, you know, like that time she accidentally sent an email to her boss asking him to, um, kiss her ass. She says she actually meant to write that email to herself, but oh well…. stuff happens, and stuff always does happen to the sistah. You’ll sometimes find her mother yelling, “Utter inanity” when Tara finds herself in hot water.

Tara really thinks she is a total mess (her family agrees somewhat), yet, I think she has some good qualities, and I hope you’ll think the same when you read her story.

So stay tuned as I unveil my upcoming book Lessons in Love featuring Omotara Olu-Browne. Coming soon!

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