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The Officer’s Bride: The making of a cover

On the evening of the first friday of October, I decided to go ahead and publish The Officer’s Bride, but then, the question was: How would the cover of the book look like? I knew what I wanted: a woman who looked mysterious, but had pretty eyes…just like my protagonist, Nafisah. That same night,  I sat in front of my computer and began to play with microsoft power point for a nursing-related project/presentation I was working on. Once done with that project, it  suddenly occured to me that I could just go ahead and design the cover of my book instead of contracting it out to some pricey book cover artist. But how to do it? Anyway, before I knew it, I was on to something…something I could ( and I am ) proud of.

The first palatable  creation, courtesy of my needs-a-replacement laptop was …

I was so proud of my work until hubby came home, gave it a doubtful look and mumbled “It’s okay.”

It’s okay?! I didn’t want okay. I wanted “Ah Lara D, you did a good job. Great cover! You’ll get book cover artist of the year!”

So that night, I said nite-nite to my ego and went on the I-need-to-get-this-right campaign, working harder until finally,(after several attempts)  laptop and  I got this:

I felt tres cool the next morning (never mind that by this time I was already sleepless in Seattle..ehrm Dallas) especially when hubby went, “Fantastic!” He still didn’t say I’ll get cover artist of the year, but that was actually  okay with me. Unfortunately, my accomplished air took a slight downward dive when both my  baby sis  and my sis-in-law saw the cover and went, “It’s nice…but it lacks something.”

Lacks something? What the heck are they talking about? I’m a nurse people! For goodness sake give moi some credit! But then, the more I thought about it, the more I realized they were both right. And after some more tweaks, my groaning computer coughed out “A novella” as seen in the image below and also said, “No more designs, wanna-be-artist Lara Daniels.” 

And there you have it: The cover of The Officer’s Bride. This cover, I was really really proud of, and it felt good to hear baby sis,  sis-in-law, hubby and every random stranger I chanced to ask on my way to the grocery store say that they liked it too. Okay, so maybe I still don’t get the award, but hey, I’m proud of this cover. The back cover was a bit tricky, but some days later, laptop and I finally got there.

P.S: The Officer’s Bride comes out November 1, 2012.  7 more days to go. One more week! Save the date. Tell your loved ones. But most importantly, make sure you get your copy!  Maybe two…you know, for another loved one. It could be considered criminal if you didn’t…especially because I do know it’s a good book (even though I did write it :D) and also because I really do need another laptop so I can keep churning out the stories :), and if you really like my stories, then you really should get a copy!

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Love in the midst of darkness?

“You’ve started a fire you and I will never be able to put out.”

It’s the nineties and a violent dictator rules Nigeria with an iron fist. Nafisah knows firsthand the chaos that results from this type of rule, so when she meets Eddy, an aide to the current leader, and a top member of the Nigerian intelligence service, she believes her situation just went from bad to worse. But  Eddy completely contradicts her expectations, and she finds herself falling for him, only to discover that he carries a secret that could just about topple the nation.

Coming November 1 to:

Amazon, itunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo Books, lulu, Smashwords, and all other major bookstores!

SAVE THE DATE! 10 more days to go.

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A Secret to Share

Maybe I’m out of hibernation for good, maybe not (nowadays, I have no clue what’s up next with me) but I just had to come out of my shell to tell you this:

I’ve become a child again. You know that feeling, like when you were little and your parents told you a secret and begged you not to tell anyone, and you were just so heavy with the secret that you just knew you would have no peace until you just shared it with someone else? Well, today I have become that child. I have a burningly good secret and I can’t wait to let it out of the bag. My ever histrionic brain is working overtime, and I’m sitting here wondering how best I can blurt my secret to the world.

You know what? I’ll just come out with it right now.

*Whisper. I have a book coming out. Yikes! So glad I got that off my chest.

Oh, the yellow man with the yellow stick (If you’ve been following my stories, you’ll catch that joke) said he didn’t hear me.

“I have a new book coming out.”

You still didn’t he-?

Okay, here goes! *A deep breath. Drum roll please


Applause, applause from the yellow man ( and maybe you too :))

Thank you. Thank you. *Taking a bow, and grinning from ear to ear.

Theatrics aside, I guess this will be a good time as any to share the cover…Here goes:

Oops, I didn’t mention the title? I guess it’s a given since it’s on the cover but I apologize all the same for my over-exuberance. It’s titled The Officer’s Bride. Yes, the The Officer’s Bride’. Yeah! That one…the same one I shared with you all last year. It’s now a soon-to-be-published book after all.

I hear the yellow man grunt. “Finally!”

Ah! Funny you!

The officer’s bride is set to be published, tentatively November, all things working well.

I would love to know your thoughts.  And if you’re so inclined,  you could share  my secret on your facebook wall, twitter, email your friends, etcetera…Seriously, I won’t mind you sharing  🙂

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