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RWoWA’s megafest book giveaway contest

Romance Writers of West Africa (RWOWA) is running a mega contest. Twelve books by five of their published romance authors will be awarded to 7 winners.  Of course, yours sincerly’s books are on the stand to be given away: Love in Paradise and Love at Dawn :). The other books to be won include:

His Treasure by Kiru Taye, A heart to mend by Myne Whitman, His Sin and Obsession by Netty Ejike; and Stormy Defence and Beyond the Lady by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku. Below are the contest rules:

1. Subscribe to the RWOWA website by completing the Email Subscription form on the top right-hand bar


2. Follow @RWoWA on Twitter by clicking the twitter button OR click the ‘Like’ button for the RWOWA page on Facebook.


3. Leave a comment indicating your Facebook / Twitter name / email. Also indicate your location so theycan pick you for the right book. E.g. US, Nigeria, etc.

The 7 winners will be selected on December 30, 2011 and will be announced on December 31, 2011. Contestants must complete all of the above criteria to be eligible. Email subscription via the RWoWA siteis mandatory. Contestants can choose between following on Twitter or Facebook or both.

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Reflections on Thanksgiving Day and my One year Anniversary

Thursday, November 24 is Thanksgiving Day in the US. Four days after that, on the 28th, I’ll be clocking my one-year anniversary as a blogger. In honor of these two significant events, I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone who popped over to my site to read my posts; to everyone who made comments or sent personal emails of encouragement; and most importantly to those who subscribed. From my experience, being a writer and a blogger can sometimes be a very lonely, bumpy road. There are good hits, but there are also lots of misses – but it all makes it worthwhile when there are people around you who cheer you on. It’s even more special when they are people that you’ve never met before…total strangers who take the time to pat you on the back, inadvertently giving you permission to keep going no matter what. I am most grateful to a benevolent God  for those people.

I’d also like to celebrate the blogs/bloggers/writers that have truly influenced me this last one year. They may or may not know how much they influenced me (all in positive ways), hence my decision to announce a big thank you to them.

I’ll list them below in order of how I was first introduced to them.

  1. Tolulope Popoola encouraged me to try my hands at blogging (and writing short stories on my site). She even offered to design my blog. I’m grateful for you!
  2.  Myne Whitman – met her through Tolulope Popoola. This woman with a generous heart taught me the importance of diligence and hard work as a writer. She also introduced the power of social networking to this book nerd.  I’m grateful for you! 
  3. Nana Twum Baah’s blog posts reminded me never to lose touch with the fun loving diva inside my womanly body and to write my posts as such. I’m grateful for you! 
  4. Tolulope’s musings kept me grounded in my Faith as a blogger. Through his posts, I was encouraged to share my own Faith through my posts as much as possible. I’m grateful for you.
  5. Bukville’s blog, my Texan neighbor inspired me to write about my work and family and to remember to keep it real.  No ‘honky-dory-everything-is fine’ here. I’m grateful for you! 
  6. Kiru Taye inspired me to keep developing my romantic writing craft. Mediocrity in African romance is not an option, she’d say.  One more thing she says, “Writing a novel is not what’s important but writing a best seller.” I’m grateful for you! 
  7. Adura Ojo – wanna be like her when I grow up, lol. This woman’s posts inspired me to be passionate about promoting literary works by Africans like me living in the Diaspora. I’m grateful for you!
  8. Naija mom in London (met this fun blogger late) inspired me to socialize with other bloggers; to remember that no blogger man is an island. I’m grateful for you.

 Have a beautiful thanksgiving holiday whereever you are reading this. And if you’re outside the US where this holiday does not apply to you, please take the time to appreciate those around you.

I’m grateful for you!

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RWoWA’s November giveaway contest

Romance Writers of West Africa (RWOWA) is giving away an e-Book of the much anticipated African Romance historical, ‘His Treasure’ by Debut author Kiru Taye.

Romance Writers of West Africa (RWOWA) – a group dedicated to the growth of African romantic fiction worldwide – is giving away an e-Book of the much anticipated African Romance historical, ‘His Treasure’ by Romance novelist, Kiru Taye this November.

Requirments to ensure winning:

*Subscribing to the RWOWA website ( by completing the Email Subcription form on the right and ‘Following” on twitter by clicking the twitter button @RWOWA or ‘Like’ the RWOWA page on Facebook. One lucky winner will be selected on November 30, 2011. The winner will be announced on December 1, 2011.

This giveaway is International. Contestants must complete a minimum of 2 of the above criteria to be eligible. *Email subscription via this website is mandatory. Contestants can choose between following on twitter or facebook or both.

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