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First Love Diaries…the ones that walk away

three women, same story

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There are days the pain is too sharp, I can hardly breathe, and there are days when all I remember are the happy times – the times he said he loved me; the times he said I was funny. Eccentric. Sometimes cute. But never beautiful. No, he never, ever said I was beautiful. But he did say I had a brilliant mind, and that I was sure to go places. He wore a chain – a thin, gold chain around his sturdy neck, and he had a gold stud to his left ear. If you had the patience to wait for him to take off the dark sunglasses he wore on both sunny and not-so sunny days, you’d find brown eyes that held secrets. He was tall, too. Tall, brawny, dark, handsome – all of those adjectives you’d find in a romance book for a hero. I remember him laughing; it was always such an unusual chortle…almost like he was chuckling to himself, secretively. I remember him holding me one warm evening and looking straight into my eyes. The world was perfect that night. Everything stopped, including my heart. I was lost… lost to the awareness of him; lost to the awareness of my deep feelings for him. Lost to an ocean from which I knew I would never find my way out.

Yes, all those things, I remember about my first love.


Seven years I’ve waited for my first love, hoping he’ll come back…wishing he’ll tell me he loves me and that he’s made mistake about me. About us. But he’s married a woman that is conventionally woman – petite; light, even toned skin; with an accent that screams intelligence in its foreignness. Even now, I still do not know what I ever did to him that would make him walk away. One moment, he said he loved me. The next, he is married. One moment he said he loved me, the next… he says he wasn’t planning to fall in love with someone like me – too dark, too tall, too skinny girl with too wide lips. One moment he said he loved me, and the next, it almost feels like he can hardly bear to look at me. And now, many years later, and finally, physically beautifully in all of the right places, the pain of his rejection remains a gaping wound screaming for help; for healing.  It screams for attention from anywhere, and anyone willing to listen.

Yes, all those things I remember about my first love.


First love? Ha! Let me tell you about my first love. He had kind, warm eyes that caressed you long enough to make you feel you were the most special woman in the world. Yet, he chose his parents over me. I wasn’t exactly what his folks would have liked for him to have, so he did some choosing  and, well, it hurt. Very much.  I needed repair, so I did a little walking of my own, searching for the filling that would stop my emptiness. It’s a walk that seems to have no end in sight.  I’ve become a heartbreaker in my quest for finding love. I take your love, and never give back. I make you believe I love you, then, just when emotions are running high with sweetness and the spirit of giving, I walk away. I walk, and leave you hanging, confused, hurt, and alone. I walk on, in this journey called life, searching, constantly searching for the approval of the first love that wouldn’t stay.

Yes, all those things I remember about my first love.

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Seun Odukoya’s The First Kiss: A Short Love Story

Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of today, I planned to write and share a short romantic story based on the best love quotes I would receive for this season. However, I came across a love story over the web that I knew I had to share based on three things: It was short, sweet and totally relatable. Written by Seun Odukoya – the February featured Naija stories writer whose works are not just limited to romantic works, this short fiction reminded me of a poignant time, back in the days when I fell in love with the romance  genre.

Without further ado, here is “The first kiss’ by Seun Odukoya.  I’m looking forward to you enjoying this piece just as much as I enjoyed reading it too.

The First Kiss

The first time he kissed her, it was from across the office.

She rubbed her engagement ring, hard and was rewarded with a sparkle. Looking at it intensely, she tried conjuring up Jide’s face but it was Banji’s visage that kept popping up. Banji, the office jester. Banji, her friend since primary school. Banji, who had smiled and replied her declaration that she was marrying Jide, her present boyfriend with – “You won’t marry Jide, but I won’t force you to change your mind. I’m a patient man.  I waited this long. I can wait some more.”

He had walked away, leaving her trembling beside the photocopy machine. She looked up when she heard the door open to see him standing there looking at her. That was when he kissed her.

Not mouth to mouth as one would think. Not only were they in the office, which wouldn’t have mattered anyway, but it was impossible at that distance. Or so she thought. The same way she had thought back then, that it was  impossible to kiss someone with your eyes.

She met his eyes and imagined hot blood rush to her head. Her eyes misted over. She grabbed the photocopier for support as the heat now  spread all over her body. A dull tingling started in her breasts. They felt so heavy. Her thighs trembled…

“Are you okay, Lade?”

She started. Her breathing, hard. Her face felt flushed from the heat.

“I’m fine, thank you,”  she told Bimpe who nodded and walked away. Looking back at Banji, she saw he was still standing there, a small smile on his face. He turned and went into his office.

She made up her mind.


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A Geeky Kind of Love

First Love is like Mother’s Cooking. It’s the first you knew and you’ll always think, ‘this food is good or bad’ based on what you first knew.  – Yoruba Bini Storyteller

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My first love was a geek. A handsome geek, as far as I was concerned.  My roommates couldn’t understand what I saw in him.

“He laughs like a hyena,” Ranti said that Friday night. We’d all been sitting idly in our packed room meant for six that housed fourteen girls, waiting for the rain pelting the roof to stop.

“How does a hyena laugh?” I’d asked, curious.

“Guffaw, guffaw, guffaw,” Yemi chipped in and all the girls doubled up in shared amusement, except me.

“He laughs nice,” I’d replied, my tone defensive.

“Guffaw, guffaw, guffaw,” Yemi crowed again while the girls erupted into hysterical laughter.

“You are the ones laughing like hyenas,” I’d muttered, holding my duvet close to me, my knees hunched to my chin.

Yes, he laughed like a hyena, but I loved that about him. I liked the way his glasses bounced on the bridge of his nose; loved the way he grabbed my hand when we were out on our long walks; but most importantly loved the way he hugged  me. No one could hug like my geek. He made me feel a million times safe – his arms wrapped around me as I snuggled close to the warmth of his body.

Our relationship was simple, yet complex because not once did he officially ask me to be his girlfriend. In my heart though, I belonged to him. Our relationship was never cemented with the words “I do” to him asking me, “Will you be my girlfriend?” so, it was inevitable that our relationship would end without a lovers’ tiff.

He graduated school, never looked back and our relationship ended.

I had to move on and when I did, I moved on to another geek, trying to find my first geek who never really said he was mine even though I felt I was his.

My second geek, God bless his soul, shared the geeky features of my first: Lanky, his head bobbling up and down like a puppet. He too had glasses – big frames that almost swallowed up his whole face. He asked me to be his girl and I was enthusiastic to say yes. I rushed to tell my roommates.

“At least, he doesn’t laugh like a hyena,” Ranti had said with a chuckle.

That was when I realized I had a problem. No, I couldn’t be his girlfriend. Yes, he hugged well; and yes, he held my hands real nice, but with him not laughing like a hyena…it was just too much for me to handle.

I went through a bunch of geeks in University by the time I graduated. None of them was ever like my first geek. There was always something wrong.  If they laughed like hyenas, they couldn’t hug like my first geek did. And if they could hug, they couldn’t hold my hand like he did. And if they could do all three, then they didn’t have glasses that bobbed on the bridge of their nose.

With all my friends getting married, and me remaining dead-on-arrival in my love life, I sought out my first geek whom I’d heard worked for a software company.

I turned to the pretty receptionist at the front desk. “Can I talk to –?” I started, but before I could call the name of the man I came to see, I heard a peculiar titter behind me.

I turned around, knowing it had to be him. It was. He hadn’t changed a bit.

He stared hard at me; a dazed look on his face…one that I knew was also on mine. He called my name, to assure himself that it was really me. When I nodded, he laughed.

I froze, refusing to take the hand he reached out to hold mine.  Nodding in the direction of the receptionist, I walked out the door.

“What in God’s name did I ever find in him?” I muttered to myself as soon as I reached my apartment. “My God! He sure as hell laughs like a hyena.”

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