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The Gift that adds no sorrow

I have been reflecting a lot on what the bible says about the “It is the gift of God that makes one rich and adds no sorrow.” Often times we think this gift of God are the big houses, the expensive cars, children, money in the bank, a great career, fame, etcetera. However, I’ve been seeing that all these often has a potential for bringing sorrow. Take for example:

  • The big house may be lacking behind on mortgage/tax payments. And if you do own the home, what happens if a fire accident happens to take that house away?
  • Cars could be involved in accidents, killing/injuring everyone in it;
  • money in the bank can easily be lost through a bad investment,;
  • a great career can be over in a second especially in this bad economy;
  • Fame can become a headache as more people clamor you leaving you with no peace or quiet.

 So I thought to myself, what exactly is the blessing of the Lord that adds no (or has no potential for) sorrow?

Everthing we meet in this world has a potential for bringing sorrow either though our own sins/carelessness or through  life’s difficulties. Even Solomon said that bad times happen to people suddenly…no one on earth is inure to this. However, there is a blessing that never adds sorrow. This blessing is the entity of what and who God is. He is the only blessing that does not fade, does not change, and has no potential for sorrow. Even David said, “Apart from the Lord, I have no good thing.” In other words, there is a difference between what God gives you (things) and when God gives you HIM. Let me explain it this way: If I gave you money, the money is not equivalent to me giving you ME. My gift is not ME. It’s just a thing I give you. But if I give you ME, the whole ME, then you have all of me for you. That is what the perfect gift is: The Gift of GOD as GOD, not some temporary thing that he may give you and have a potential for being lost through the changing times.

 So this Christmas, remember the GIFT: Christ! Remember to thank him for HIM. Don’t focus on the fact that you may not have enough “things,” rather, appreciate the fact that He gave you HIMSELF by coming to earth to reconcile you to him.

 Merry Christmas!

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