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Introducing snippets of African romance

In my last post, I introduced some dangerously delicious desserts to accompany your reading of African romance.  Today, I’m introducing a new segment to my blog titled “Snippets of African Romance” where I’ll be sharing some engagingly sweet reads that I’ve read from purely African romance authors. Some of these authors I’ve talked about here… and you may already know them, even more than I do. That said, I still have to brag somewhat that I’m privileged to peek into their upcoming work that you may, or may not be opportuned to read, until the book comes out of course. Anyway, to cut a long story short,  I’ve been granted permission by these writers (both published and soon-to-be-published) to share their work here. Yes! You heard that right….right here on Lara Daniels Writes. LIVE!

So catch up with me in the next couple of weeks (or days you never know, it could be that soon) to read your African romance snippets. It’s free to read…the only condition is that you must have some chocolate inspired dessert by your side (lol).  Have a great Sunday and a new week full of much love!!!


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When next you read African romance…

I’m hungry again, so of course you know this post is going to be all about food, right?

C. S Lewis said “Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably” – and I happen to agree. In fact, I’d say that romance is one genre where eating combines well with reading.  Whenever I read my all-time favorite romance author, Lisa Kleypas (love her, love her, love her) my reading enjoyment is enhanced with eating some of my equally fav desserts, like vanilla ice-cream served with a slice of freshly-out-of-the-oven apple pie.

Recently, I’ve been discovering some African romance authors whose writings brim with sensuality. They write with much sensory detail, causing my heart to beat with pure delight when I read their works. On this list is soon-to-be-published author, Kiru Taye (her novel by Breathless press is set to come out in December). Also on the list is Nkem Ivara, whose recently completed novella, Closer than a brother, was so deliciously sweet, I was left with hunger pangs (for food, mind you :D). There is also Empi Baryeh  whose contemporary romances give me the zing-zing …LOL. Then, there’s Myne Whitman whose descriptions are so vivid, you can actually see, smell and feel Nigeria in her novels. When I’m reading these authors, I find myself wanting to ransack my pantry/freezer for deserts, preferably chocolate Ice-cream.  I guess it’s because their characters are black Africans…so Vanilla won’t exactly work that well.  

Anyway, back to C.S Lewis. Romance novels shouldn’t be read on empty stomachs. And if you’re falling in love with the African romance genre, just as much as I am, I strongly suggest that you read it while ingesting anything that’s chocolate inspired. To that end, I have compiled a list of my most atrociously sweet, chocolate desserts. I’ll have to warn you that they are so darn good, you’ll actually know you’re being naughty when next you eat them while reading your preferred African romance author. So here goes:

  1. Mint Chocolate cheese cake;
  2. Scoop(s)of frozen vanilla Ice cream (if you must have vanilla)  served with chocolate cake;
  3. Banana bread pudding accompanied with chilled chocolate pudding
  4. Chocolate Soufflé together with chocolate dipped strawberries.
  5. Donuts served with a side of chocolate mousse
  6. Freshly baked Chocolate chip cookies
  7. Chocolate caramel fondue
  8. Mocha fudge brownies
  9. Molten Chocolate cake with raspberries and cream

And finally, drum roll please….

      10. Chocolate brownies, served with a side of walnuts dipped in chocolate sauce.

Happy reading 🙂

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