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The Story Continues…Happy 2012.

Welcome to 2012 everyone! Feels good to say that. I’m a sucker for new beginnings and the coming of a new year is no exception. Praying for good things to come your way this year.

Thanks to everyone who visited Lara Daniels Writes during my short break from posting. It felt good to return and see your comments, especially on the stories. It also feels good to begin the New Year with the continuation of a story that I started last year.  My Thorns with Roses series at Radical chic was published approximately 3 weeks ago, both the part 3 and part 4, and you can click on the bold letters to catch up.

Oops, lest I forget. Huge congratulations to Romance Novelist, Myne Whitman. Myne was listed as one of the 50 Nigerians who made a difference in 2011 for her contribution to literature. Myne created and manages Naija stories. I’m so chuffed, I can’t even speak. Why, you ask? Because generally, romance writers are not exactly taken seriously in the literary world. One Nigerian man called us ‘soft’ writers the other day during one of my book signings here in the US. I asked him what he meant, and he flexes his hands and goes, “You know, romance books are not realistic. They’re just sme-sme. You should delve into more serious topics so you can be recognized.” I think he left me more confused.  Anyways, here’s me toasting to Myne’s achievement. No sme-sme on that gal’s end, for sure.

Meanwhile, watch 2012 for more achievements from African romance writers. When you start seeing top selling romance books coming from African writers, just remember that Lara Daniels predicted it first, lol. ‘Guess I’m adding soothsaying to my resume´, huh?

And before I finally stop typing this post (I hope I stop soon, ‘cause my brain is thinking of a short story I have to write, like right now) I’d also like to congratulate all the winners of the RWoWA mega giveaway contest. A special congratulatory message goes to Patti Paonessa who won my books, Love in paradise and love at Dawn. I’m looking forward to you enjoying my books, Patti.

Y’all have a prosperous, healthy-in-body-and-mind 2012.

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