Love in Paradise

Meet the novel that started it all!

Love in Paradise was published in 2009. With purely black african characters living within the continent of Africa, this novel garnered rave reviews from readers of Diverse cultures.

Set in Lara Daniels’ fictional African Country, Zamzudan, the novel narrates the love tale of  Tony Da-Silva, an engimatic multi-millionaire with some serious trust issues and Mimi – a  beauty dealing with tragedy in her life. Both have built walls to keep out an unkind world and its disappointments. They meet unexpectedly and briefly with electrifying results. Then, they go their separate ways with presumably little chance to reconnect, dancing a lonely pas de duex, circling each other like moths around a flame, while unbeknownst to either, two opposing forces square off: one praying to unite the pair, one seeking to destroy them. Their  reawakening faith sets an effective counterpoint to the world of real and apparent deceit that they find themselves caught in – which makes for a truly suspenseful tale.

Available now by clicking here 🙂

Read Excerpts of Love in Paradise now  🙂

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