Love at Dawn

Love at Dawn is the romance-suspense tale of forgiveness and redemption set in Lara Daniels’ fictional country of Zamzudan in East Africa. It is the first of four sequels to Love in paradise. It narrates the love story of Tory Da-Silva ( a beauty born into a family of privilege)  and Rashad Macaulay ( a man born into poverty, yet rising literally from grass to riches).
Tory Da-Silva meets broody Rashad Macaulay for the first time and vows to make him hers. However, the price she’ll pay for this quest will carry consequences of shame and guilt. Nine years later, temperamental Tory  becomes a fiery beauty and multimillionaire Rashad cannot fight his deep desires for her. All seems set for Tory’s dream to come true. But there is a  dark secret she keeps from Rashad that may be the one thing that could tear them apart – all which makes for a good suspense within a romance novel.
This novel was described as an emotional roller coaster by Myne Whitman, author of a heart to mend. It has also received top positive reviews from US Review of books, from top African blogger – Tolu Popoola (aka Favored girl) and from editors of African Goddess online. Even the editor s at Penguin books south Africa described it as “Readable and well-engaging”.
Available at Lulu,   Barnes & Noble,   Amazon, India: Flipkart. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Love at Dawn

  1. Irene

    Geez, You are unbelivable. This is unbelievable. Kudos and such.

  2. Hey there! Cool post! Please do tell us when I can see a follow up!

  3. Edwin( Uganda)

    Facinating read.

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