Entry 7

Daddy, oh heavenly Daddy, sweet daddy, my Eze! this is how I plan to show off your amazing faithfulness in my life. I shall:

1. Max out that line of credit and get myself in a lot of debt to buy myself that latest Benz; that one like sister Emily’s, but it’ll be better, after all, I am moving from glory to glory.

2. Take pics of me and my Benz and post on Facebook and the IG!

3. People shall congratulate me and call me ‘woman of God’, ‘Favor’, ‘everything na double-double’

4. And all my enemies, including those in my village will see just how much you’ve blessed me, just how far you’ve brought me, your own anointed daughter.

Alleluya somborri

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Entry #1- the one that started it all

Heavenly Father, my brother has a tiny little speck in his eye and it’s bothering the crap out of me. I just want to yank it out because it is irritating and practically everybody agrees with me. Please lord, kindly remove the humongous log of wood in my own two eyes so I can take out his speck.


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Entry #5

Good afternoon Lord.

It is me again, your anointed daughter.

Please Lord, remember all the many times I have contributed thousands of dollars in your house in tithes and offerings

Yesterday I still bought my pastor a brand new car.

I have been a faithful giver Lord.

Now, teach me what to tell my employees as to why I am not able to pay them their 6 months salary.

This I ask in Jesus name. Amen

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