Love came calling

My short poem from my heart to yours…

Love came calling

from a far place I never dreamed,

It spoke tenderly and softly

carried me in its arms and gently grinned.


Love found me willing…

but slightly afraid

I had been hurt once..

didn’t want to experience pain again


Love desired to still me

in its warm embrace

I truly conceeded and discovered peace

Giving me a new beginning through its graceful means


But most importantly…


Love taught me to forgive my past

To realize my life is not a farce

To dream pleasant dreams for tomorrow –

A sure way to carry me through all worldly sorrow.


P.S: ‘For Wale Taylor’ is now published at Femme Lounge.  Love you guys for reading still… mwah! mwah! mwah!

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You are not the Daughter of a lesser God

This poem touched me in ways that I can’t even describe. And I wanted to share it with the hope that it would encourage women (and men) to understand not to allow people to walk over them …because you are not children of a lesser God, but of a Mighty God who loves us very very much. I am sharing the last verse…The full poem can be found HERE

Again I say…

Don’t ever allow anyone tell you

They will be your friend as an act of favour

And you let them

Don’t ever give anyone the platform and audience

To tell you they will speak to you

As an act of favour and you let them

For you are not to be pitied

Nor are you the daughter of a lesser God

Copyright: Belinda Otas 2010

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