Coming to this space to share some reflections.

‘Yin mu’ is a yoruba phrase which means to literarily roll one’s nose. When someone ’yin mus’ they do so mostly because they are disgusted, you know, the way you’d roll your eyes if you are irritated with someone?- well, it’s the same for yin mu. Instead of the eye roll, you’d do a nose roll.

It occurred to me today why people yin mu. You want to know why?

People yinmu because their noses can smell BS. For some, they can smell it from afar; for others, the BS has to be at the tip of their nostrils in order to smell it. But whichever way, when BS is smelt, BS is smelt.

The problem with bullshit though is that it is what it is: SHIT, and you and I both know that shit has the worst stench. So when you and I are fed with shit stench, our noses naturally do what it is supposed to do which is to roll up.. then down .. then, side to side… in a bid to get rid of the stench.

And that, people, is why people Yinmu.

And the older you get, the more you’d Yinmu because you see, the years of living in this world will teach you there is bull shit, and plenty of it too.

In fact, this is the reason why the older you get, the quieter you become when you come across bullshit. You see, when the stench comes your way, you clam up your mouth for fear of the smell entering your body through the oral route. This is why you see many elderly people being quiet. It’s not because they are naturally quiet; it’s because they don’t want to increase their chances of being suffocated by the stench of BS.

And that’s it for today and perhaps for another long while folks.

Stay blessed. Stay out of the bullshit

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