Seven life lessons I’d love to share

1. In everything, give thanks. Because, it could have been worse

2. Know and respect boundaries. The tongue and the teeth belong in the same mouth. But what happens when teeth cells grow in the tongue or when tongue cells grow in the teeth? It’ll be called cancer. If the parts of the mouth knows its boundaries and respects its( as close as its parts are) you should respect your boundaries with others, regardless of how close you are. Spouses take note!

3. Have low to zero expectations. Why? So as to avoid being disappointed later on. Zero expectations helps you to be more humble, have zero entitlement mentality( which is a form of pride) and helps you to be appreciative when people bless you or help you. Your only expectation should be from your maker.

4. If you are in a position of leadership or authority, watch yourself closely. Why? Because leadership automatically puts you in a pedestal. The problem with pedestals is that when you fall from it, your hurt will be much more compared to those who are not placed so high. Clothe yourself with humility, be sure to admit to mistakes; and be sure you are open to feedback from those you lead; be sure to remove the sycophants from your circle ( people who never challenge what you say, who will praise you and call you God) they are the ones that will ultimately kill you by setting you up.

5. Don’t seek and depend men’s praise. When they reject you( and they will eventually) it will destroy you

6. Be down to earth. Don’t claim to be or have something you’re not. Announcing yourself before you’re due will ALWAYS get you in a lot of trouble. Stay humble and mind your business.

7. Lastly, acknowledge the Lord in all you do- Even when you feel you know the way, acknowledge him to direct your path

So these are some major life lessons I have been privileged to learn. Hope it helps you to avoid some of life’s major pitfalls. Have a great Thanksgiving

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