Introducing the boy called Rotimi Wright: An excerpt from Omo-mummy.

Rotimi Wright. King’s College. 1985.

I am lost.

“The breasts are an important part of the reproductive organs of the female.”

My eyes bulge and I shift uncomfortably in my seat. Who knew squeaky-voiced Miss Bello, form 3’s biology class teacher with the figure of a stick, as far as sticks go- could give a solid hard-on to a bunch of sweet faced, now horny as hell 14-year old boys?

I hear the beginning of a snicker at the back of the class. Before the beads of perspiration forms on Miss Bello’s narrow face,  I sense her uneasiness.  But she continues her monologue, because she is either brave or very loony.

“The vagina is also another important one…”

Someone coughs at the back. My eyes bulge some more, and from where I sit, I hear poor Miss Bello’s panicked gulp.

“During fertilization, the vagina  receives the sperm…”

Another cough…no, in fact several coughs greet her barely audible speech.

“… which penetrates and merges with the egg in a process called fertilization…”

And now I’m lost in the peculiarity of all things female …and judging from the several chocking sounds at the back of the class, I can tell I am not the only one.

Whoever says biology is boring really needs to have their head examined.

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9 thoughts on “Introducing the boy called Rotimi Wright: An excerpt from Omo-mummy.

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  2. Remi

    I rememeber the first time I read lara daniels stories. I haven’t regretted it. Can’t wait to read this one when it comes out.

  3. Josephine

    Lolz. This is risky business.

  4. Kemi

    Yummy, can’t wait to read the whole book. Hope you won’t keep us waiting for too long.

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  6. tolu

    i will love to read your books

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