Lara Daniels’ Forever and a Day – Final part

Lara Daniels’ Forever and a day is dedicated to the memory of a dear friend and constant encourager, Dr. Tosin Ogunkunle

On April 7, I’ll celebrate your one-year anniversary spent in the sweet bosom of the Writer of our Stories….

I pray for continued comfort for all who loved you – your wife, your daughter, your mom, your siblings and all friends. 

You are sorely missed. Rest well  in His love

– Lara Daniels, 2012


Moments after Ebo left my home to walk across to his, shadowy reminisces of my painful past filled me. Along with it came the incessant haunt of Ebo’s kisses and the overpowering need to reconnect to the family that I’d broken away from. Picking up the phone from the dining table, I sensed the beginning of a fluttering peaceful something. I exhaled all of the anger that I’d bottled in my heart towards that mysterious concept I knew as God and towards my family who like me had been players in life’s play – one that centered on the very ethos of being part of the living: unpredictability.



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The End

Happy Easter 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Lara Daniels’ Forever and a Day – Final part

  1. Kemi

    Ahhhhhh! This is a truly moving story with a very deep message, Lara. Really enjoyed it. You have a natural way with words that really brings your stories to life. Thumbs up to u

  2. Thanks Kemi, for reading to the end and so glad for your positive feedback.



    • glad you liked it Namesake though I’m still waiting for you to finish the project you sent me late last year 🙂

      • omolara

        my dear i will send once am through. U goodness touches me. Thanks for reminding me with ur stories that if u can… i can. All the best.

      • omolara

        i will send it dear once am thru. Ur kindness touches me no end and ur stories remind me that if u can… i can. Thanks alot dear namesake

  4. Lara

    Excellent! I love the message of forgiveness. We have to let go of past hurt and pain so we can enjoy the blessings ahead:-).

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