Lara Daniels’ Forever and a Day 8

It was Abena’s fourth month in the hospital. A disquiet unlike any I’d ever experienced had settled on me all night ever since I’d returned home from visiting Abena.  The cause of my fretfulness wasn’t entirely lost on me. It centered on a certain neighbor of mine, a man with eyes as brown as melting sugar and with lips as expressive as the famed horticultural city of Kumasi. He’d begun asking me out to lunch increasingly, almost to the point of embarrassment and of course, I always said no.


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4 thoughts on “Lara Daniels’ Forever and a Day 8

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  2. Myrtle briars

    Thats a good question. For me I just give all my past mistakes to God and determine never to go back to my old ways. I’ve done things I am not proud of but I believe that if iask god for forgiveness he will forgive ne and forget about my sin so I have to forget about my sun too.

  3. I don’t have a sordid past par se but I have made mistakes too that I wish I had never made. I agree with Myrtle. The best thing is to give it all to God and try to forget about it. My first time commenting here. Thank you for sharing this story. I know that it is fiction but it is so real that I think of Femi like as if she is my friend.

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