Lara Daniels’ Forever and a Day (Part 7)

Abena and her baby, conveniently named Kwame for being born on a Saturday ended up staying a total of four months in the hospital. Every day, right after work, I visited them but only because Abena was more likely to cooperate with the hospital staff  when I was with her. She cooperated even more whenever I held her crying baby in my arms to comfort him.

Never had it felt so good to be wanted…or needed.


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8 thoughts on “Lara Daniels’ Forever and a Day (Part 7)

  1. I’m really enjoying the story, Lara. Can’t wait for the next part.

  2. Kemi

    I concur with the wordsmythe, lovely story. Not your typical boy meets girl love story, the storyline has alot of depth to it.

  3. omolara

    Oh Lara!

  4. Thumbs up Lara, but the link to part 8 is not going. The message is page can not be found. I really can’t wait to read it.

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