Seun Odukoya’s The First Kiss: A Short Love Story

Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of today, I planned to write and share a short romantic story based on the best love quotes I would receive for this season. However, I came across a love story over the web that I knew I had to share based on three things: It was short, sweet and totally relatable. Written by Seun Odukoya – the February featured Naija stories writer whose works are not just limited to romantic works, this short fiction reminded me of a poignant time, back in the days when I fell in love with the romance  genre.

Without further ado, here is “The first kiss’ by Seun Odukoya.  I’m looking forward to you enjoying this piece just as much as I enjoyed reading it too.

The First Kiss

The first time he kissed her, it was from across the office.

She rubbed her engagement ring, hard and was rewarded with a sparkle. Looking at it intensely, she tried conjuring up Jide’s face but it was Banji’s visage that kept popping up. Banji, the office jester. Banji, her friend since primary school. Banji, who had smiled and replied her declaration that she was marrying Jide, her present boyfriend with – “You won’t marry Jide, but I won’t force you to change your mind. I’m a patient man.  I waited this long. I can wait some more.”

He had walked away, leaving her trembling beside the photocopy machine. She looked up when she heard the door open to see him standing there looking at her. That was when he kissed her.

Not mouth to mouth as one would think. Not only were they in the office, which wouldn’t have mattered anyway, but it was impossible at that distance. Or so she thought. The same way she had thought back then, that it was  impossible to kiss someone with your eyes.

She met his eyes and imagined hot blood rush to her head. Her eyes misted over. She grabbed the photocopier for support as the heat now  spread all over her body. A dull tingling started in her breasts. They felt so heavy. Her thighs trembled…

“Are you okay, Lade?”

She started. Her breathing, hard. Her face felt flushed from the heat.

“I’m fine, thank you,”  she told Bimpe who nodded and walked away. Looking back at Banji, she saw he was still standing there, a small smile on his face. He turned and went into his office.

She made up her mind.


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3 thoughts on “Seun Odukoya’s The First Kiss: A Short Love Story

  1. Rachel Abimbola

    Seun (Pere as known by some of us) is simply a genuinue poet, though he is wierd at times. I simply love the poem. Thumbs up, Seun.

  2. Kemi


  3. I never thought one could be kissed at a distance. now, i know and i think i have. lovely story

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