In celebration of an Icon: Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston reminds me of a happy childhood.

It was in 1989, I think. My Dad had just returned from one of his numerous trips to the US for another of his many military trainings. This time, he brought along with him something very special. It was a gift for my younger sis and me – a video of Whitney Houston’s greatest hits. There were four videos on that tape, but the ones that had the most profound effect on me as a child were “How will I know” and “The greatest love of all”. Till date, my Dad still jokingly calls me “how will I know” because I sang that song,  I think up to a million times, never mind that I jumbled the lyrics together and probably never got one line right.

I pause to reflect on the lyrics of the Greatest Love Of All, and the one line that keeps jolting me is this:

“I decided long ago never to walk in anyone’s shadow.

 If I fail, if I succeed, at least I live as I believe.

No matter what they take from me they can’t take away my dignity.”

And as I reflect, it reminds me of another quote that I love, “Insist on yourself. Never imitate.”

Another one of her songs that I soooo love that sometimes pushes me to keep going regardless of the challenge is “I’m every woman, it’s only me.  Anything you want done babe, I’ll do it naturally….” Remember that song?

Today the world mourns Whitney and I mourn her as well. I also celebrate her, for she was an Icon. An Icon who would be remembered for her powerful voice and equally powerful songs. I can only hope that she has now found peace, considering the fact that she did have some very turbulent years towards her end.

Adieu Whitney!  God’s peace.

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5 thoughts on “In celebration of an Icon: Whitney Houston

  1. omolara

    Still find it hard to believe. Adieu Whitney Houston.

    • Me too Omolara. Sometimes one reads news of this superstars and you just know that they are on thier way to the end…..but not Whitney. With Whitney, it was different. You kind of got the vibe that she would overcome her battle with the drugs and the alcohol…..She had that indestructible feel to her. But I pray that she finds the peace that eluded her while she was here on earth.

  2. May the good Lord comfort all who mourn especially her family. It’s a sad loss indeed!

  3. shola adegun

    She’s a rare gem,with a powerful nd captivating voice..most importantly,,,she proved dat a woman can be beautiful,elegant nd sexy,without showing off an inch of flesh .She’s unique….

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