Will you be my Valentine?

I’m a product of the 70’s  and very much old school. Since I happen to find that era romantic,  it’s no surprise that I love Diana Ross’ 1970’s rendition of Ain’t no mountain high enough. I’m going to have to sing the chorus in my best  soul  voice, and though you can’t hear me, you’ll just have to take my word when I tell you that I’m singing it quite beautifully 🙂

Ain’t no mountain high enough

Ain’t no valley low enough

Ain’t no river wide enough

To keep me from you

Are you singing along? 😀

Driving home from work yesterday, I happened to listen to it, again, on one of my favourite oldies radio stations here in Dallas…and I suddenly got inspired with an idea.

Okay, here goes:

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and as a romance writer, it would be totally uncool and unforgivable  to let the season of Love pass by without  me sharing my love with my readers. So, in the spirit of Valentine’s day, I’m going to be choosing (and gifting)  a Reader-Valentine among my subscribers.  The Gift? A hardcopy of my books, Love in Paradise and Love at Dawn. And the best part is this: My Valentine doesn’t have to come from one specific country or continent….He/she can live anywhere in the world, so long as he/she has a valid mailing address to recieve my books. Shipping costs are entirely on me. After all, ain’t no mountain, valley, river, or whatever should be high enough to keep me from getting to you, right? 

So here’s the question: would you like to be my Reader-Valentine this year? If you’re saying Yes, then all you have to do is simply subscribe to my blog by adding your email on the right hand corner of this page. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted by email at which time, I’ll be getting their mailing addy; so make sure you input a valid email address too. 

Until then, you have a beautiful season of Loving and being loved. Happy Valentine’s Day!

* Image culled from truewhisper.com

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5 thoughts on “Will you be my Valentine?

  1. Akinsola Lawal

    Looking forward to a pleasant val

  2. I’m looking forward to win a copy

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