African romance? It’s on now!

That’s right!

If you are a fan of Romance Writers of West Africa, this won’t be news to you. But to the rest of the world? Yes, I did say the rest of the world, (*Arms on waist, stamps foot on ground, impatiently) lol, – especially if you’re in parts of the world where your’re experiencing frost bites, something just amazing is happening, like right now, in the literary scene 🙂 So, get ready to get warmed up.

Behold the unveiling of not one, not two, not three, but wow!!!….four romance novels written by West African romance authors, and *gasp! set in West Africa.

And all great reads too, I bet. 








Click the books’ images to be directed to expected publishing date.


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One thought on “African romance? It’s on now!

  1. Omolanke

    They all sound and look so interesting. I will like to buy and read them when they come to Lagos

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