A Special Prayer Request

It is 2:31 am, and the urgency of my request prompts me to write this.   

Before I became an American, I was and still is a Nigerian and the country of my birth taught me tolerance and adaptability to any situation, core values which I find very useful, now that I live in the United States.  In truth, I believe the average Nigerian has the ability to endure in the face of the direst circumstance. That popular phrase from Fela’s song, “Suffering and Smiling” aptly describes the temperament of most Nigerians who have gone through several political crises, the foremost being the potent corruption of almost every leader who has ever governed the country.

However, there’s always a limit to everyone’s tolerance and I fear that Nigerians may have reached that limit, which is why I now seek your assistance in a matter that has caused sleep to flee from my eyes.

Since the announcement of the oil subsidy removal on January 1, the violence in Nigeria has deteriorated fast and I am asking everyone, especially Nigerians living in the Diaspora to get on their knees and pray for the country. Worsening matters are the Boko Haram’s attacks on churches and with so many violent words being traded back and forth, I fear that we may end up with a much divided Nigeria. So many young people’s lives have been lost and if nothing is done fast enough, Nigeria is headed for a long downhill trip.  I was reading Wole Soyinka’s comments in the Nigerian Punch yesterday and based on what I have also heard from my loved ones living in the country, Nigeria, as we know it may end up in a blood bath that is just as similar as the one experienced in the 60’s.  Therefore, I am pleading with Nigerians who are looking for a positive change in the homeland not to curse the governing authorities. Cursing, it’s like visiting negativity on negativity, and it only breeds more chaos, more pain, more anger, and more killings. Who needs that? Rather, we should lift them up in prayers, asking for wisdom and strength to do the right thing to bring about a better Nigeria.

Thank you so much for your anticipated participation.

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One thought on “A Special Prayer Request

  1. Thank you for using your platform to call for prayer for our country. We the believers are the ones who can avert disaster because we are the ones who have authority over the invisible powers that seem to be. We will avert disaster. The country will not collapse. The stone which the builders rejected will become the cornerstone but we must pray and also take our place in the spirit.

    Interestingly, my recent posts have indirectly spoken to the crisis. My most recent post responds to a discussion on setwatchman.com on whether or not Christans should protest.

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