Do you believe in Love at first sight?

Some few weeks before my much-needed vacation in December 2011, I sat at my writing desk to rewrite my latest Work in progress, Omo Mummy.   Fifteen minutes into the reworking of the second chapter, I ran into a bit of a jam, which left me with the strong urge to toss the whole MS into the Trash Can.

And in case you are wondering, No, I wasn’t exactly practicing 2-D shots at being the next great Basketballer, although my throw wouldn’t have missed its target, aka the thrash basket icon in the desktop folder of my laptop. My unhappiness with my latest work stemmed from the fact that the scene where I introduce my female protagonist to my hero, kinda felt unrealistic to me. And since I’d built the whole story on what I now perceived as a flawed second chapter, I honestly felt that the right thing to do was toss the work in the Trashcan icon of the computer and just pour out my frustration on the chocolate ice-cream cake in the freezer, never mind that it was and is, still winter in Dallas.

Before my tummy starts a-rumbling, I’ll quickly explain what the second chapter is about: My heroine, Kofo, is supposed to be a naïve 18 year old from an affluent family who has lived under the close watch of her very traditional, African parents. Her naughty obsession? Reading erotica stolen from her unmarried aunt –another romance addict.  For the first time, she meets Rotimi, the male protagonist. He’s about 23. I’m using the word ‘about’ because I’ve not exactly determined how old he should be. Of course, Rotimi is a handsome dude. He’s working on getting into medical school at Howard…

I’m thinking of that darned cake.

Oops. Forgive me, I digress.

The short version of the story is this: Kofo falls heads over heels in love with soon-to-be Cardiovascular Doctor, Rotimi Wright.   

So here is the quandary I’m in: Is it realistic for an 18-year-old sheltered African, more specifically, Nigerian female to fall in love with a man who, in her perception would be considered quite worldly? Is it really possible for everyday people to fall suddenly in love with that total stranger they are meeting for the very first time? Or have I simply lived in the US of A for so long that I can no longer differentiate a ‘so-called’ realistic love scene for Africans versus people from other parts of the world? Perhaps, love at first sight is a concept that’s only as realistic as the movies and the romance books I read.

I’d like to know what you think. If your replies come with full throttle in support of Love at first sight, there may still be hope for me to finish Kofo and Rotimi’s story. Even better, the poor chocolate Ice cream cake may just not lose its life over my dilemma.

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13 thoughts on “Do you believe in Love at first sight?

  1. Kemi

    Yes I do believe in love at first sight. I don’t think it has anything to with culture or race. It’s just simple chemistry between two people seeing each other for the first time and having that rush of ‘his the one or she’s the one’!

  2. Yes, i think it’s possible! I personally believe in ‘love at first’ sight because I’ve experienced it. It’s a magical moment when you meet someone and know instantly the person affects you deeply. The urge to find out more about the person becomes overwhelming.

  3. I personally believe in curiosity, lust, attraction, intrigue at first sight. I think love is more complex and meaningful and so takes time.
    As for your heroine, I feel 18 is too young in this day and age for mature, long-lasting love. These are my views. Please spare the chocolate! 🙂

  4. I believe in love at first sight. And I know that there are 18 years old girls who really know what love is. I stopped reading Mills and Boons when i was 10+. so bye that age I was very matured. I knew what I wanted in a guy as well.

  5. I think attraction and admiration at first sight is what it is. Love tends to grow, but the tummy rumbling can’t wait to kiss you or toss around in bed with you is possible for all people, culture and race. So maybe you can redraft it around an intense attraction that justifies itself as the characters grew and get to know each other better

    Also since Kofo is sheltered and the guy is worldly…even better cuz he glitters and I don’t care about the adage, but he is probably gold to her. lol

    All the best dear.

  6. I also think Love grows. I believe too there can be “intense attraction” at first sight, as AdeOla says. But love at first sight depends on what you define as love in the story. If Love is a commitment, then realistically, it takes time. If it is a feeling or a desire, it can and does happen at first sight. One is a verb, the other is a noun that depends on how the object before you affects you at the moment.

  7. lara..honestly,i like this type of stories but i think there should be some adjustments. Kofo has the right to be in love at first sight.this is something that happens here in nigeria and all over the world.falling in love at first sight is something i used to think should only happen in films but having experienced it,i now know better. However,it is usually not this type of love that keeps the relationship going.even if the two parties were initially attracted to each other based on the first sight love,they need the more matured kind of love to keep it going if not they realise it was only ´puppy love´. In kofo’s case,i think it is okay to feel this way about the guy but i´´ld love the story to tend towards both of them growing in love.that is,they should be very close friends with no sexual attachment who will both move on in their various endeavoours and later get married at a more matured time esp fir the girl.then i´´ld love to see in the story,the role of kofo’s mother or family in guiding her towards the right way to go esp in matters of the heart. I hope the story doesnt end up in the trashcan but in bookstores for sale.

  8. Yes and yes! I do believe in it. Sometimes we try to run away from the truth but sincerely when we see someone that brings that funny to our head, we can’t just help it. Am a victim of one and gosh! He was just the kind of person I want in a partner.but u know a tpical african xtian lady had to let it bottled up but sincerely I do believe in love at first sight

  9. ay

    Lara,Love at first sight! Nah!it’s a fairytale.Lust at first sight can you love someone you barely know?love is a choice to stick with someone irrespective of their flaws.
    @ugonna, Adam had been alone on the face of the earth for years and the only physical companions he had were animals.imagine his Joy when he saw someone he could actually relate with: Eve.the only woman on the face of the earth!do you really think he would have responded otherwise?

  10. Brazilian Wife

    Me too. I believe in love at first sight. that was how i met my husband. it was online and I see his picture, he sees mine. love at first sight to him and me.

  11. julius toluwani

    all comments are beautiful but without wasting time adeola and kehinde just speak my mind take a cue from there and let ur creative juices flow towards creating a bestseller

  12. i want to say that yes, I believe in love at first sight too, but I have not experienced it yet…

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