My Lunch Date with ‘The Small Print’ Author – Abimbola Dare

I recently had the pleasure of lunching online 😉 with the talented, debut author of ‘The small print” an inspirational fiction – Abimbola Dare. Since we were separated by continents, (she, in the UK, and me, in the US), we had to sip our sugared coffees and enjoy our lunches apart from each other, yet together by the networking power of Facebook.

Below is a transcript from our lunch date 🙂

Please tell me about Abimbola Dare.

I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, and attendedVivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls. I am the last born of two ( an older brother). I am married to a wonderful man and mother to a special child. I work for Publishing House in the UK (the bookworm that I am). I am a fun loving, Naija to the core kinda girl.  Totally down to earth.

Tell us about your book, ‘The Small Print’ and your motivation for writing it.

I wrote the Small Print during a trying time in my life. I had written a novel on my blog and the Lord ministered to me to rewrite this story to glorify Him. As I said, I was going through a very trying time and I obeyed the Lord after much questioning, postponing, rationalizing and anger. I eventually yielded. My motivation for writing is simple:

I’ve read some inspirational fiction, more specifically in the romance genre and I know that some of the biggest challenges for inspirational fiction writers is the ‘Avoiding a preachy tone.’ Did you experience this challenge? How were you able to overcome it?

You are right, Lara. How can I answer this? To be honest, I don’t know. In my book, there is a scene where Eniola tries to talk to Myles about giving his life to Christ. I struggled over that scene so many times because I kept wondering, am I being too preachy. I guess the best way is to weave your lessons learned into the story arc and to allow your characters emotions, reactions, dialogue play out the words. But, I guess I will have to wait for someone to read the Small Print and then tell me if I managed to avoid that “plague” of preachyness!

Share with us other challenges you faced while writing ‘The Small Print?

Oh Gosh! Where do I start? Everything from writers block, to juggling marriage, motherhood and a full time job, to receiving and handling rejection and criticisms. I think the criticism was my greatest challenge. I mean, I once sent my first chapter to an agent in theUSand she replied saying. “Abimbola. Your manuscript is riddled with typos and your English is not quite there yet.” Ha! My English is not there yet ke? Lol…That is the same chapter one I published in the Small Print. That single email from that agent almost killed my confidence because I thought I had something good going with the book. Anyway, I cheered up shortly after when anotherUSpublisher told me I’d won an award of excellence in their contest for writing The Small Print.

How much did real life play into the writing of your book?

About 50% of the story is based on real life- especially Wale’s experiences.

Share with us authors/books that have inspired you.

No surprises here. Lol. I tend to read a lot of suspense. I am a big Harlan Coben, Sidney Sheldon and James Patterson fan. These aren’t Christian writers, but I love the easy way these three people write. I love and respect Francine Rivers and Karen Kingsbury from the Christian fiction angle. I have only started to delve into Nigerian Fiction and so far, a lot of our sisters are doing great in the literary world-and they all inspire me- especially those who have managed more than one good novel. (You-Lara Daniels for one!lol)

*Blushing*. Thankyou. Why should readers want to read ‘The Small Print’ and where can they get it?

Wow. Why should readers want to read the small print? That’s another toughie. Well, because I wrote it! Lol. Just kidding. The Small Print is an exciting read, but it is also a novel that I hope will challenge your faith. It is a book that will make you wander… “ If that happened to me, what would I do?” It has all the right elements- suspense, humor, faith-talk, drama, intrigue…ha! Have I finished blowing my own trumpet!? Lol. Seriously, the Small Print is a good, clean read and I hope everyone that reads it enjoys it as much as I did while writing.

The small print is out on Amazon kindle ( US, UK, Fr and De) and on smashwords ( ipad, nook, sony ereader) as an ebook. The paper back will be out on Amazon soon and also inNigeria. Readers should please join my fan page on

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13 thoughts on “My Lunch Date with ‘The Small Print’ Author – Abimbola Dare

  1. Innocent Silas

    nice 1. More inspiration 4 u guyz. Also have d drm of writin 1 day. Wat do i do? I askd dis coz i’d come 2 a point were my head is blank; just cnt write notin.

    • Thanks Innocent. I think I could suggest something about how you could get your muse back, simply because it’s a method that I tried and found out to be true. All you have to do is read. Read, read and read, and before you know it, that story in your head begins to take shape and soon, you’re pouring it out on paper. That first draft won’t be perfect, but don’t worry about it because you still have enough time to edit what you’ve got such that you end up with a beautiful piece. Good luck.

  2. Bola Essien-Nelson

    I loved being a fly on the wall during your interview? It’s freaky? Abimbola sounds like me somehow……I love the fact that she DID not let that negative letter kill her journey. I think that and the truth that good things – like books- come out of trying times………..That too is my testimony. Well done Ladies!

    • You know, your comment makes me think of this saying, “What can’t kill you can only make you stronger.” It’s very important to turn one’s percieved negative experiences into something positive, using our stories to encourage someone else in need.

      Thanks for your visit.

  3. I’ve got my copy now and can’t wait to dig in. Lovely interview!

  4. Thanks Myne. Still working on my interview skills…glad you liked 🙂

  5. @Innocent Silas- Lara Daniels said it all- please dont give up, if it is something you truly desire. Read, read and read more. then write. Then edit. Then read… and then edit. lol

    @ Bola Essien Nelson- thanks sis. You know we are name sakes now… lol! 🙂

    @Myne – aww, thanks sis!as I always say, learning from u( and u -Lara, and u- Bola) God bless- still awaiting ur interview questions o!!

    @ Lara- ur interview skills are on point. thanks for having me.

  6. I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your website. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme? Superb work!

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  8. And i thought you both had face to face lunch date I got jealous 🙂 Thank God for internet. I am happy you were able to get your message out .
    Self publishing is the best thing that has happened to writers.
    Agents most times are dream killers.

    Way to go sis.

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