A Geeky Kind of Love

First Love is like Mother’s Cooking. It’s the first you knew and you’ll always think, ‘this food is good or bad’ based on what you first knew.  – Yoruba Bini Storyteller

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My first love was a geek. A handsome geek, as far as I was concerned.  My roommates couldn’t understand what I saw in him.

“He laughs like a hyena,” Ranti said that Friday night. We’d all been sitting idly in our packed room meant for six that housed fourteen girls, waiting for the rain pelting the roof to stop.

“How does a hyena laugh?” I’d asked, curious.

“Guffaw, guffaw, guffaw,” Yemi chipped in and all the girls doubled up in shared amusement, except me.

“He laughs nice,” I’d replied, my tone defensive.

“Guffaw, guffaw, guffaw,” Yemi crowed again while the girls erupted into hysterical laughter.

“You are the ones laughing like hyenas,” I’d muttered, holding my duvet close to me, my knees hunched to my chin.

Yes, he laughed like a hyena, but I loved that about him. I liked the way his glasses bounced on the bridge of his nose; loved the way he grabbed my hand when we were out on our long walks; but most importantly loved the way he hugged  me. No one could hug like my geek. He made me feel a million times safe – his arms wrapped around me as I snuggled close to the warmth of his body.

Our relationship was simple, yet complex because not once did he officially ask me to be his girlfriend. In my heart though, I belonged to him. Our relationship was never cemented with the words “I do” to him asking me, “Will you be my girlfriend?” so, it was inevitable that our relationship would end without a lovers’ tiff.

He graduated school, never looked back and our relationship ended.

I had to move on and when I did, I moved on to another geek, trying to find my first geek who never really said he was mine even though I felt I was his.

My second geek, God bless his soul, shared the geeky features of my first: Lanky, his head bobbling up and down like a puppet. He too had glasses – big frames that almost swallowed up his whole face. He asked me to be his girl and I was enthusiastic to say yes. I rushed to tell my roommates.

“At least, he doesn’t laugh like a hyena,” Ranti had said with a chuckle.

That was when I realized I had a problem. No, I couldn’t be his girlfriend. Yes, he hugged well; and yes, he held my hands real nice, but with him not laughing like a hyena…it was just too much for me to handle.

I went through a bunch of geeks in University by the time I graduated. None of them was ever like my first geek. There was always something wrong.  If they laughed like hyenas, they couldn’t hug like my first geek did. And if they could hug, they couldn’t hold my hand like he did. And if they could do all three, then they didn’t have glasses that bobbed on the bridge of their nose.

With all my friends getting married, and me remaining dead-on-arrival in my love life, I sought out my first geek whom I’d heard worked for a software company.

I turned to the pretty receptionist at the front desk. “Can I talk to –?” I started, but before I could call the name of the man I came to see, I heard a peculiar titter behind me.

I turned around, knowing it had to be him. It was. He hadn’t changed a bit.

He stared hard at me; a dazed look on his face…one that I knew was also on mine. He called my name, to assure himself that it was really me. When I nodded, he laughed.

I froze, refusing to take the hand he reached out to hold mine.  Nodding in the direction of the receptionist, I walked out the door.

“What in God’s name did I ever find in him?” I muttered to myself as soon as I reached my apartment. “My God! He sure as hell laughs like a hyena.”

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16 thoughts on “A Geeky Kind of Love

  1. I’m still smiling… This is a beautiful piece

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  3. Lol Lara. She dumped a geek because he didnt laugh like a hyena? Girl’s got issues.

    But this is your typical situation where you leave a guy only to reconnect and wonder what you ever saw in him in the first place. She had enough time to think and to compare between the first and the ones that came afterwards. Loved it. It made me laugh:-)

    • I second you, the girl has some serious issues, Lol. Your comment reminds me of a facebook guy who read this and emailed me to say the post made him angry because the story prooved that women didn’t know what they want.

  4. LOL…

    Memories are not always as we remember right? At least she got closure.

  5. shola


  6. Bishop -Missionary Diocese of the Trinity

    This is awesome and well presented. I encourage Lara Daniels to go on with her writings becuse she never an tell how many people in the different parts of the world that she brings smiles on their faces, laughter in their mouth and joy in their heart…. praise her efforts andtime nd energy investments in these work….Williams

  7. Ore Anu

    Excellent and funny. Abi o. What did she ever find in him?

  8. M.G Dorian

    This is so funny. You have a witty style of writing.

  9. Peju

    Very funny. The funniest I have read as far as romance stories go.

  10. Cynthia


  11. Musings of an overwhelmed Naija Mum

    Nice piece. I felt her acute disappointment after all those years of putting the guy on a pedestal.

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