Thoughts on Kathryn Stockett’s “The Help” and a new hero!

I broke my own rule of reading only romance novels, for whatever reason, I still do not know.

Anyhoo, picked up a copy of Kathryn Stockett’s “The Help” on my kindle and two days after reading, I’m breathing and thinking of every character in that book. It was the best $12.99 I’ve ever spent on any novel…every cent was worth it as I read the pages of a book that I had to stay up the whole night reading.  Never mind that I had piles of chores to do the next day – take kids to school, grocery shopping, clean house, write, laundry etcetera. The Help is one book that I know I will never ever forget.

Now, there are some books that you read for pleasure, but there are some that go beyond pleasure and completely change your world view and broaden your perspective. The Help was one of such books. Ms. Stockett took me to a place where every emotion came bubbling out in full force- I laughed, cried, smiled, cursed, prayed, hollered, cheered, clapped. Every imaginable passion, I displayed, as I read about Jackson, Mississippi 1962 -1964, becoming caught up with the lives of fictional characters such as Aibileen, Minny, Mae Mobley, Celia Foote, Hilly etcetera.  I was so wrapped up in every page; it’s amazing that I’m still sane after reading.

I am yet to watch the movie, which recently came out last month. But from what I’ve heard from some of my Nursing colleagues at work who went to the movies last weekend, the movie stayed true to the book. Curious to link the faces of the actors/actresses to the book’s characters, I went online to IMDb, and was surprised to find out that one of the cast members is actually of Nigerian descent. His name is David Oyelowo, whom I’ve never heard of until now.  Whenever I hear of Nigerians doing great things, I get very excited, and to see a Nigerian in the cast of The Help makes me even more thrilled. Now that I’ve known about him, I’m going to be following his career…He’s got a big fan in Ms. Lara Daniels – African Romance suspense author 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Kathryn Stockett’s “The Help” and a new hero!

  1. This film is receiving rave reviews at the moment. I might go see it at the movies but i cant trust myself not to fall asleep, lol. Away without no children will surely lead to some quality sleep at the cinema.

    Lara, how are you and family, i trust all is well with you.

    • LD

      Hi there Buky, good to see you out here. I’ve been hearing good news about the movie too and I understand what you mean by watching away from the children LOL. I’m not much of a movie person either because it takes so many hours to watch one movie – hours I can’t afford right now with all else around me that’s clamouring for my attention. But if you can’t get to watch the movie, do read the book. It’s really good.

  2. I am yet to read the book but i watched the movie and i thought it was beautiful..even blogged about it. Cant remember the Nigerian actor though…to be honest, the female cast outweighed the male all the way 🙂

    Go watch.

    • That’s what I heard too Ginger. I heard the movie was really good and what made me happy most was that it stayed true to the book – at least that’s what people have told me.

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