Sixth Post: For Wale Taylor – my first Love

The sixth posting of my first  love tales “For Wale Taylor” was published on Femme Lounge yesterday. Whenever I go in to read readers’ comments, it brings me so much joy and fufillment to see that I have performed my role as an entertainer Writer. As a writer, I owe my audience a good read…and that’s always my first goal – to tell a story that will have you itching to read more.  I don’t write to show you how much of English I know…to force my love for words down your throat. But I write to make your time worthwhile…to engage you in an activity that requires that you won’t be passive.

My second goal as a writer is to pass on the little knowledge I have about our world and its challenges through writing. In so doing, I believe I make others aware of a world that is so far different from theirs, but one we all can still relate to. We all have our different stories…and they are all unique, but at the end of the day we all struggle with the same issues, howbeit in different contexts and different cultures.  

On that note, I  wanted to let you know that there is only one more posting left of this story. The last and seventh posting is scheduled for Thursday next week…as par the Editor of Femme Lounge, Shola Okubote. It is my sincere hope that you come away from this story fully entertained…just as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The link to the sixth posting is HERE.  Happy reading….and have an AWESOME April. Enjoy the spring season guys…and don’t forget to take your umbrellas with you when you are out. You never know when those rains will start pouring in joyful torrents, ha!

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One thought on “Sixth Post: For Wale Taylor – my first Love

  1. Like I said on Femme lounge, if the one after this is the final chapter, it better be good. I hate sad endings:-)

    I am sitting on pins and needles. Can’t wait for the final chapter on Thursday. Great story! Thanks for the weekly entertainment.

    If the above are your goals as a writer, then i guess you have succeeded.

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