2011: Faded Year?

Welcome to March 31, 2011, the day that ushers us to April 1, or as we say, April fool’s day.

I am not certain if I like April fool’s day. I fall constantly for the  pranks that my parents play on this day. Last year, I finally scored one up on them, and the weird thing is that I didn’t get to enjoy the success of my prank. I live in Texas and it’s an Oil state. I called my parents up and told them that Shell had asked my husband and I to sell our land to them for 5 million dollars because they had discovered oil there. As expected, they were ectastic over the news. Trust me, it was no fun telling them an hour later that it was all April fool’s day inspired.  I can still remember both of them sobbing over the phone when they realized it was a joke 🙂

So, we are moving on to the fourth month of 2011. For me, as it is for most, the newness of 2011 has completely faded. We have entered the phase of the “meat” of the year. From now until September/October, as we enjoy the seasons of spring and summer, bustling activities will demand for our attention. From here on, no one is thinking of the New Year or the next year coming.  

Some of us entered 2011 with lots of hope and dreams. We probably had all these big plans. Suddenly, from nowhere, bad news called, killing the excitement of the New Year. In my case, it was hearing the news that a loved uncle had cancer. It simply overwhelmed me emotionally.

 I know of people who have had their 2011 marred by death, loss of a job, poor finances, foreclosures, sickness, and other occurrences that happened unexpectedly. I also know of others whom good news visited, like the birth of a child, or the start of a new job, or plans to get married. Nonetheless, the thing with good news is that it brings its own set of challenges, as you struggle with how to cope with the positive changes. For the new mother, it is the frequent awakenings to feed the baby; for the person with the new job, it is the challenge of meeting up to expectation. Whichever category you fall in, you suddenly find yourself remembering that you had New Year resolutions  and expectations. You find yourself wondering at everything that has happened this year, and you compare them to the dreams and hopes for 2011. It suddenly seems like a far cry from what you thought this year was going to be. You rapidly feel beleaguered with what is happening to you and your world. The temptation to marinate in the melancholy is very strong. Yet, you can’t afford to be weighed down. You know that you’ll have to stand up, shake the gloomy air off and be encouraged. Why? Because the world has not ended simply because you are worn-out. Because there is just so much at stake, with so much to do, with others counting on you to get things done. Because the battle is not over until it is over.

You may not have  control over when your current ordeal started, but you sure have control on how you will deal with it. To deal  with this successfully, you’ll need to  place yourself on time out and go to a quiet place to reflect. Through your personal reflections,  you’ll seek to understand how you fought your past challenges – both the ones you won and the ones you failed.  Then, you’ll harness yourself to face your current predicament with the tools you used to win the past battles. You’ll try hard to avoid making the mistakes that caused you to lose the battles you didn’t do so well. You’ll do this because as you enter April, you realize the importance of replenishing and regrouping… to tell yourself that if you can win battles in the past, then you sure can win this one too.

From my heart to your heart, have an awesome April…conquering every giant in your land, even as I conquer mine!

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10 thoughts on “2011: Faded Year?

  1. Thank you for writing this, Bunmi. I think if we make personal reflection a habit, we can deal with anything that comes our way. Without it, we are drifting, tossed to and fro by circumstances. I believe this reflection you talk about is what grounds us and enables us to lead our lives from the inside out rather than being led from the outside in.

    In any case, I want to take the liberty to say that sustainable greatness, significance or victory over the challenges that come our way, is impossible without taking time out periodically to do nothing but reflect. We each have the wherewithal to be victorious. We fail and falter because we “know not”, and true knowledge comes only from frequent stillness.

    • As always, your comments give me much to reflect on. Personal reflection= Quiet time (reminds me of one of your postings).

  2. that was a mean prank u pulled on ur parents…lol…

    Sorry to hear about ur uncle’s cancer…how is he doing?

    Glad u ended on some positive note…I’ll go check out Love @ Dawn….

  3. Very nice and encouraging post 🙂 Dude, I forgot about April Fool’s day. Thanks for the heads up haha! Conquer the remaining three quarters of the year 😀

    • Woomie, glad you got the heads up on April fool’s day. Don’t play any ‘mean’ pranks though, and don’t let anyone score up on you. As par conquering…wishing you the same!

  4. I love this , I didn’t even remember April fool’s day , but I know that God uses those trials to strengthen us and to make us know that there is nothing like ‘self sufficiency”. we are of Him, thank you sister mi

  5. You are so welcome Tolu. And yes you are right: Every trial is designed to build our strenght. Like they say, what cannot kill you can only make you stronger.

  6. This certainly makes timeout a good thing…it helps us weigh things and perceive with fresh outlook. Usually my first thought on a subject is often not the most thorough or insightful. Yet again when I revist I often find nuggets I ignored or didn’t see the first time. It helps me appreciate both the good and not so good, that all in all, we can ride the waves of life no matter how tall or tumultuous.

    I love your reflective tone.

    • Thanks MOH for these kind comments. Your post makes me reflect even further on the importance of Timeout. It is time for reflection, and it’s so important with helping us to fully articulate the challenges before us, so as to discern the weapons we’ll use to fight it. Thanks for visiting again MOH.

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