A Love Rekindled – a recommended “spring” read.

 If you are in the market for a “Spring” collection of books to read, one that would make you want to curl up under your covers as you hear the soft tapping sounds of rain on your rooftop, I just might have a good suggestion for you!

Myne Whitman, author of the popular romance novel, A Heart to Mend, has taken it up another notch in her new novel, “A love Rekindled.” With its recent publication, this latest novel  is already making huge raves on  Facebook and twitter and every social networking site. 
I was among the few lucky ones fortunate to have read the novel prior to it coming out in major book selling outlets. It was a novel that I enjoyed tremendously. As a sucker for poignant romances with premises of new beginnings, I found A Love Rekindled right up my alley. The theme of a love, once lost, then found again, touched a deep chord within me, such that I found myself emotionally revved up at the finale when the main characters declared their love to each other. Another reason why this book touched me is that it exposed the insidious prejudices that different cultures may have towards another – a bias that has unfortunately damaged relationships – often times permanently.
Image of "Myne Whitman"

Although the story’s setting is in Nigeria, lovers  from every culture will relate to  the book and its major characters, for culture/race biases happen everywhere in the world. I daresay that  A Love Rekindled is even apt for this spring season which is all about dead, damaged, broken things getting restored as new life is breathed on them. Therefore, for Lovers who have given up on each other,  this novel might just be the one you’ll need to read to “Rekindle” that love all again 😀

A Love Rekindled is currently on Amazon and I can safely predict that it will be on major bookstands all over (soonest), as it was with A Heart to Mend.

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2 thoughts on “A Love Rekindled – a recommended “spring” read.

  1. Nicolas

    Methinks I’ll love this book. Major enthusiast with this site. Your numerous writes has truly helped me out. Awaiting up-dates!

  2. i love the book already…

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