Love came calling

My short poem from my heart to yours…

Love came calling

from a far place I never dreamed,

It spoke tenderly and softly

carried me in its arms and gently grinned.


Love found me willing…

but slightly afraid

I had been hurt once..

didn’t want to experience pain again


Love desired to still me

in its warm embrace

I truly conceeded and discovered peace

Giving me a new beginning through its graceful means


But most importantly…


Love taught me to forgive my past

To realize my life is not a farce

To dream pleasant dreams for tomorrow –

A sure way to carry me through all worldly sorrow.


P.S: ‘For Wale Taylor’ is now published at Femme Lounge.  Love you guys for reading still… mwah! mwah! mwah!

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9 thoughts on “Love came calling

  1. Your poem called to me and drew me into its warm embrace. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Awww…thanks Kiru…dear romantic Kiru for visiting. Glad the poem called you and drew you into its warm embrace (lol)…

  2. Lovely poem Lara! I loved reading it!

  3. Romantic and inspiring.Great poem

  4. Beautiful poem. I love the “I truly conceded and discovered peace…Giving me a new beginning” part. I think it will speak to many tentative hearts to trust true Love again. Thank you for writing it.

  5. Tolu, I believe strongly in new beginnings and I hope this poem does help others to trust again.

  6. Love…I want to get one too.

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