Good news leaving me stumped!

Okay! So something interesting happened to me on the 24th of this month and I’m still speechless (with joy?) from it. Okay…here goes: I have never put in any of my works in a competition and  I’d recieved this mail from Amazon – that incidentally went to my junk folder about a novel competition. I entered my ‘work-in-progress’ romance-suspense manuscript titled Love prescription in the Amazon breakthrough novel award on the last day of the competition entry.  Guess what? It actually qualified for the next round. Fellow romance Novelist Myne Whitman announced the result on facebook, and I was trying to leave a comment of congratulations for her when I suddenly remembered that I too had actually put in my manuscript for the competition (silly me – huh?)…So I went to go see if I made the list and lo and behold, my name was actually on that list – from 5000 contestants slashed to 1000 – that is a pretty steep feat. I am still speechless from seeing “Lara Daniels” making the cut that I really cannot truly describe the emotion I feel. But like my husband says, “You need to enjoy the victories that come your way” instead of being philosophical and sober all the time, like I most usually am.

Anyway, here is to big congratulations to all the qualified novelists in this round especially authors such as Myne Whitman (General Fiction), Maryanne Temitope (Young adult category) and Tai Odunsi (Young adult category).

Good luck in the next round 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Good news leaving me stumped!

  1. Congratulations. I am not surprised at all. You are a great writer. And I agree with Seye, please enjoy it, every step of the way. I hope for the very best.

    • Tolu, thank you for your prayers and your encouragement. It goes a long way. I only hope to improve more on my writing. And yes…I will enjoy it. Thank you.

  2. Congrats Lara, and yes o, do have fun with it. I honestly didn’t expect it, I mean out of 5000! I just heard of it from a fellow blogger, and said OK, let me try.

    Congrats to the others too.

    • Myne….I’m having fun with it. What can I say? You inspire me. Truly. You stump me for words especially with all of the hard work you put into others and yourself too. Congratulations….you deserve it. And wishing you much good luck in the next round.

  3. Karen Salinas

    African romance sounds like a great concept and I am rooting for you all the way. Good luck.

    • Thank you Karen. Yes, it sure is a wonderful concept and you’ll find that a lot of African women love reading romance novels. In fact there are several African novelists especially from Nigeria and I am praying that their voices too will be heard from all over the world. Thank you for your encouraging comments Karen.

  4. Am I not so blessed to know two wonderful women that can write romance , you and Myne , am so proud of you. well done.

    • Tolu, I am equally blessed to know you. You are such an encouragement and although I am yet to meet you, I truly feel like you are my sister from another mother. God bless you as you continue to be an encouragement!

  5. Congratulations! I’m a romance novelist myself, working my way through my first novel. It’s wonderful to read about other writers having success – and I look forward to reading Love Prescription!

    • Thanks Megan for your kind comments. It’s good to meet another romance novelist. What type of romance genre do you write? I write mainly Romance-suspense. I wish you much sucess in your writing 🙂

      • I am also a writer of romantic suspense/romantic thriller(s). At least, that’s what my first novel is. It will be done in a couple of months. Knowing how much I love a good, complicated plot, I think it’s likely that I will continue with this genre!

      • That’s great Megan. I love the drama of romance-suspense. I hope to read your book once it’s published.

  6. yeah nice

  7. Thank you Kathy 🙂

  8. I agree…You do need to enjoy the victories that come your way…savour them…

    Congratulations Lara!

  9. Chuka Onyekpe

    I happened upon this post way too late. Knowing the great writer you are your talent can’t be subject to debate. Hope it panned out to favour you in the end.:)

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