For Wale Taylor – my first love Part 2

Okay. So the much anticipated part two of “For Wale Taylor- my first love” is out in Femme lounge and apparently I’m making some people mad at the suspense I’ve created with the story. Didn’t you read my resume’…it says I’m an African romance -suspense author…the underlying word being SUSPENSE. So bear with me if I’m using too much drama/suspense in my stories. How am I supposed to gain your attention if I don’t do something that will shock you,  stun you, surprise you or whatever! LOL

But to all my readers, I want to say a big thankyou for allowing me to entertain you… Your encouraging support goes a long way and it fuels me to write some more. And I’m grateful to Shola Okubote, editor of Femme lounge for giving me the opportunity to write for her Magazine. It’s truly a great pleasure.

So guys, read the full gist of Wale Taylor here…and leave your comments. Be nice ! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “For Wale Taylor – my first love Part 2

  1. 🙂 Lol, me sef i said “ahn ahn, don’t kill us with suspense na!”
    Nice story.
    Well done. Two thumbs up!

  2. Thanks Remi….Don’t worry, I won’t kill you with the suspense…it can only get better 🙂

  3. Sister , i thought i was going to see the note here , ok no wahala , am clicking femme lounge now.

    • Oops…the note is always going to be at Femme lounge, but I’ll always have an article concerning feedback here. I hope you enjoy the part 2… 🙂

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