You are not the Daughter of a lesser God

This poem touched me in ways that I can’t even describe. And I wanted to share it with the hope that it would encourage women (and men) to understand not to allow people to walk over them …because you are not children of a lesser God, but of a Mighty God who loves us very very much. I am sharing the last verse…The full poem can be found HERE

Again I say…

Don’t ever allow anyone tell you

They will be your friend as an act of favour

And you let them

Don’t ever give anyone the platform and audience

To tell you they will speak to you

As an act of favour and you let them

For you are not to be pitied

Nor are you the daughter of a lesser God

Copyright: Belinda Otas 2010

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4 thoughts on “You are not the Daughter of a lesser God

  1. Wow, what powerful words. Thanks for sharing, Lara, I popped over to the author’s site and grabbed these words, that resonated with me.
    They are certainly a call to action.

    “Don’t cower in shame or self pity
    You must learn to reposition yourself and
    Create a new rhythm for your heart
    And soundtrack for your life

    Above all, you must learn the power of your words
    And speak accordingly to yourself and those around you
    Speak the words, you want spoken to you
    Life is a stage and you have your role
    No, you cannot relinquish your part to anyone
    It is yours to play to the best of your ability”

    • Carole, I am really blessed to have you here and I’m glad you went to Belinda’s site to read the full poem because it’s such a powerful piece. It truly resonated within me as I’m sure it will resonate well in countless other women (and men) who read it. And the poem you wrote here…wow. What a blessing. No, we cannot relinquish our parts to anyone….it is ours to play to the best of our ability – and you know what, I’m holding on that piece as my meditation line today. God bless you Carole. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Truly, deep calleth unto the deep. Even the title, “You are not the daughter of a lesser God” is timeless. You know, I believe strongly that words are much more potent than we realize. Inspired words can achieve similar effects as words from the Creator himself – cutting to the division of soul and spirit. Those words reach beyond the soul and touch the spirit. Thanks you for sharing them.

    • Tolu, words are really potent. We have our being because of words spoken by an Almighty creator who said “Now, let us make man in our own image, after our own likeness….”, so words have the power to either hurt us or build us – there’s never an inbetween with words and scriptures says that a wise man will use words wisely/sparingly. Thanks Tolu for reading. I appreciate it.

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