Lara Daniels in the House at Femme Lounge

The Nigerian author, Lara Daniels who released her debut Romance suspense novel, Love in Paradise in 2009, has just recently released another novel, Love at Dawn. Like Love in Paradise, Love at Dawn is already garnering positive reviews from readers of diverse cultures.

Love at Dawn is the sequel to Ms. Daniels’ first novel. Lara Daniels novels are unique in that they are romance novels featuring black Africans, living in the continent of Africa as the major characters. Set in Zamzudan, a fictional country in East Africa, Love at Dawn novel narrates a touching romance tale packed with great suspense that readers from all walks of life will find relatable.

US review of Books describes Love at Dawn as an engaging read,  where the major characters strive to do right by others and by themselves, in a world where pain flows easily, carried by both recklessness and avarice. Ultimately, the reader will learn that while love is a double-edged blade that cuts deep, and that too often, lovers make commitments today that come back to haunt them tomorrow, some pain is worth enduring.

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